What makes us different?

Historical Information

Once you become a customer of GoToMyMeds.com all your information will be stored and archived, so that you will have a complete list of all medications and supplements you have been taking since your registration with GoToMyMeds.com. Then whenever you need a complete list for a new physician or an emergency you will have at your disposal your entire history.

Electronic Retrieval

In addition to the full page medicine lists you can print for your physicians or just to carry with you we can also provide a small wallet size version of you medicine list.  But what happens if you're away from home and you need your list?  You can login to any computer that is connected to the internet and immediately retrieve your information.
New Features
Ease of Entry

Each medicine/supplement record will only have the information entered into the system once. All updates to the medicine/supplement record will be changed through an edit function saving time and preventing input errors.

Notification Methods

Unlike other services, GoToMyMeds.com offers three ways of notification: email, text messaging and phone call. Repeated phone calls will be made until the call is answered by an answering machine, voice mail or a person. If the person cannot be reached then they have the option to continue the call the next day until one of the three receiving methods is successful.

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